Week 5

One Drop


We show the children how to indicate the numbers 1,2,3, and 4 with their fingers. They acquire fine motor skills as they manipulate their fingers, and they also discover how to use their fingers to communicate quantity.

Next the children sing while rhythmically tapping their fingers to show how many drops of rain are falling. Younger children can use their whole hand rather than their fingers to make the sound of the raindrops. This will facilitate the movement and make the activity more accessible to them.

Finally, they use both hands to tap the floor quickly and forcefully to imitate the sound of heavy rain.

The children learn how to « build » their house by showing the shape of the structure with arm movements which lead to a sense of trust and security.

This activity reinforces dexterity, rhythm, and language, while also introducing mathematical concepts.

music and movement
music for children
music for children
music for children


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