Have fun and build confidence together
through the power of music and movement!  

This program is your pedagogical assistant that was specifically designed to guide you through a series of playful and educational musical activities aimed at young children.

Explore more of our wonderful program "Leaves and Drops", which offers more than 50 follow-along videos you can discover with your children (with or without a screen).

No need to keep searching for musical activities suitable for young children! 


Discover a world of fun that will captivate young and old alike!

Follow Toutoui's instructions throughout this musical adventure especially conceived for children aged 0 to 6 years old!

Toutoui will guide you every step of the way to make it easy to successfully complete the activities. TumTum will show you how to perform each step. 

Powerful, engaging tools to enhance development

music and movement
Full length asian happy mother little daughter in casual comfort clothes standing barefoot on warm wooden floor in sunny living room enjoy life, listen music dancing, having fun at modern home concept

54 Videos

Distributed along 8 weeks of music and movement activities

8 Documents

PDF Weekly guides to download, including song lyrics or the week, tips and description of each activity

2 Bonus

Two special activities to enjoy with your family or in class

Album for free

The soundtrack Leaves and Drops, is available in all musical platforms. Click here


Childcare Center, Daycare Center or Home Daycare
Early Childhood Educator
Kindergarden Teacher
Music Teacher for Young Children
Parent who homeschools
Parent, Grandparent or Tutor
Community organization for families

This program is definitely for you!


This unique program was designed by Musicalité, a company dedicated to developing pedagogical material which provides children with original and artistic musical experiences.

The effective teaching methods of TOUTOUI have been tested and refined through firsthand experience with more than 3000 children in private and government-funded childcare centres.

You will have access to music and movement program especially conceived to optimize the development of young children and prime them for a lifetime of learning.

Originally conceived for children up to 6 years old, this program is also suitable for special needs children over the age of 6. Whether neurotypical or neuroatypical, everyone finds a sense of belonging as they improve and grow.

What could be better than learning while having fun?



Artistic producer, composer and music teacher for children, Jhon is the mastermind behind the music, the program, and the pedagogical method that is Musicalité.

He has more than 30 years’ experience teaching music to young children and is still passionate about using his expertise and artistic sensitivity to convey basic concepts to his students.

He has ORFF Level I and II certification and has also completed training programs with Dalcroze Canada as well as in « Child Development and Primitive Reflexes». He is certified in Brain Gym 101 and has also completed the « Rockio Pepito » course.

Musicalité, the joy to the ryhthm of life!

An affordable program

Our mission is to positively impact children's well-being through music education. That's why we offer affordable prices to make our program accessible to all.


CA$ 15
  • 14 activities for you to choose from
  • 2 to 8 videos available depending on the chosen activity
  • Activities presented with a progression
  • Songs Lyrics
  • Description of each activity and the corresponding skills it develops
  • Music available on all music platforms


CA$ 170
  • 54 original videos
  • 8 weeks of music and movement classes
  • 30 minutes of music per week
  • 12 progressive musical activities (songs)
  • 8 weekly guides
  • 2 bonus activities
  • Tips for how to prepare for and lead the activities
  • Songs Lyrics
  • Detailed description of each activity and the corresponding skills it develops
  • Brain Gym activity every week
  • Music available on all music platforms

Rollande Nizette

Speech Terapist

I’ve been using your song "I hope you’re Well", as an introduction to my music workshops.
At home, my 14-month-old granddaughter, who has been walking for about three months, enjoys listening to “Little Chick” and “Everything is FIne” as well as “The Giant”. After about three weeks of hearing the songs every few days, she’s learned when to clap her hands, and the whole family has fun singing and doing the movements together. Thank you!


Chantal Gallant

Educational Supervisor BC Pitchounette

Phonological awareness and numeracy skills are taught through engaging activities. Children are able to move in ways most appropriate to their level of motor skill development. Another aspect of this program I really appreciate is that kids follow this progressive program for 8 weeks, which allows them to assimilate new information and gain mastery of the skills as they build on knowledge acquired in previous weeks. It really boosts their confidence and is a wonderful way for them to increase their sense of self-efficacy.

Rima Balhawan

Director Bilingual Daycare Talents 123

« Musicalité has been part of the Talents123 family for over 8 years. Their approach to instill a joy of music in children is phenomenal. Personal relationships are formed between their teachers and our children that last well beyond their daycare years. Throughout the years, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to support us in creating beautiful memories for children, parents, and educators alike. A day with Musicalité on the schedule is our children’s favourite day!"


Nathalie Guay


Musicalité’s activities have really helped his personal growth. I can also see a difference in the fluidity of movement and his coordination – for example, between his arms and legs. He also remembers snippets of lyrics and melodies from the songs.

I’m very grateful my son had the opportunity to experience this weekly program. It’s helped him to recognize the importance of music in his life. Even though we parents are not musicians, by participating in Musicalité, he’s been able to share our passion for music at home.



You'll have the freedom to choose the best time and place to implement the program.

High-quality audio tracks and videos are included.

The music is available on all music platforms.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section or contact us!


Get learning. Get rhythm. Get happy.


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