Toutoui – leaves and drops for groups



  • 4 separate licenses to access the program (4 different emails)
  • 8 weeks of music and movement classes
  • Presented by a music and movement specialist that will guide you every step of the way
  • 30 minutes of music per week
  • 12 progressive musical activities which evolve each week
  • 2 bonus activities
  • 8 weekly guide
  • tips for how to prepare for and lead the activities
  • Song lyrics
  • Detailed description of each activity and the corresponding skills it develops
  • Brain Gym activity every week


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  • Would your child benefit from improved listening skills?
  • Do you need help capturing your child’s attention and improving her concentration?
  • Are you motivated to help your child improve his coordination, balance and strength?
  • Would you like to dance and sing more with your child as a way to explore a variety of rhythms from around the world?
  • Would you like to provide your children with opportunities to improve their emotional intelligence by encouraging them to express themselves freely

Toutoui Leaves and Drops will please you for sure.


Bilingual, English, French


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